Yeoville Day 15: Kill your babies

*As part of the in-depth research project, one of the requirements of the BA Honours in Journalism and Media Studies degree at Wits University, students are required to write daily blog entries to show the progress of their projects. This year the theme is Yeoville and students have to take on a topic that tells a story that is Yeoville specific.

This morning Roxanne helped me film researcher Simbarashe Nyuke talk about churches extorting money from congregates.  He kept telling us how odd it was to be filmed and that it was a new experience for him.  I guess journalists double-up as talent agents.

I’m halfway through my multimedia, but getting B-roll is still a challenge.  I still need to do my infographic, I keep forgetting about it.

I’m still working on my second draft, it’s excruciating.  I’ve cut out so much information.  You spend hours doing research, meeting different people and then you hardly use the content.  But the extra information is probably good for me to have perspective and build up networks.  Killing my babies is a struggle, but knowing what I want to achieve with my piece helps me remain objective.

I let Rofhiwa and Luca read it, they gave me some tips but I’m no where near finished.  I’m trying to add “colour” without unnecessary details that don’t add value.  At the beginning of the year when our course coordinator told us to read as many books as we can, this is why!    If I read more, maybe the writing process wouldn’t have reached this mental stalemate.  All the “tiny” things we learnt this year has made a cameo appearance in this In-depth project.

That was my first death threat as a journalist.

In other news, I helped Luca get footage of his subject, piano teacher Roz Liebman.  She turned 93 years old today!  We met her son who’s visiting from Cape Town and they gave us food to take home.

Things were going great, until I started coughing.  Liebman was paranoid that I’d make her sick.  She told Luca: “If she gives me bronchitis, I’ll kill her!”  And that was my first death threat as a journalist.  (It so totally counts).

Along with the threats from the one pastor who said he’d sue me if I publish lies about him and the indemnity forms we had to sign to do work in Yeoville, I decided once this project is done,  I should get a lawyer.


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