Yeoville Day 11: Drafts and storyboards

*As part of the in-depth research project, one of the requirements of the BA Honours in Journalism and Media Studies degree at Wits University, students are required to write daily blog entries to show the progress of their projects. This year the theme is Yeoville and students have to take on a topic that tells a story that is Yeoville specific.

I finally finished my first draft.  Luckily last night we returned earlier  from Tandoor than expected.  The performances were delayed so we left  but we managed to record some interviews with Lutho‘s subjects.

We didn’t return to Yeoville today because everyone was working on their drafts.  It feels like something is missing, like I lost a limb.  Then again, walking about aimlessly isn’t productive either.

We’re thinking of playing on the migrant communities that gravitate to churches. 

I hope I’m on the right track with my draft and that I didn’t miss the point completely.  Waiting for feedback is torturous.  The problem is I have tons of information.  When I submitted it I realised that I left something out!  While others are struggling to find  2000 words, I’m struggling to be concise.  Percy started reading it, she said she liked it but got bored in the middle (not a good sign) and stopped reading.

I had a chance to go over stills ideas with my photography mentor.  There are a lot of opportunities for me to show my characters in church.  We’re thinking of playing on the migrant communities that gravitate to churches.

I also worked on the storyboard for my multimedia.  I need to have it checked by my video mentor before I start shooting.  I made arrangements for the shoot with Rookshana Visagie on Sunday.

I will also be collecting B-roll this weekend.  I will meet my NPO person tomorrow.


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