Yeoville Day 9: Cool-drink money

*As part of the in-depth research project, one of the requirements of the BA Honours in Journalism and Media Studies degree at Wits University, students are required to write daily blog entries to show the progress of their projects. This year the theme is Yeoville and students have to take on a topic that tells a story that is Yeoville specific.

Good news, my multimedia has direction.  After speaking to my video mentor, I’m going to keep Rookshana Visagie as my main character.

We’ve changed the angle which requires  more research.  I will be looking at the perspective of the community members who see churches as businesses.  Some of the information and contacts I got last week will be useful.  It will also help me stay focused for my written feature, I was worried about it becoming too chaotic.

People don’t really like journalists.

This one may be daunting, because it’s not a “fluffy” topic.  I want to do it justice.  I’ll need a fair representation of all the sides.  I want to write up a storyboard later but I’ll only be able to give it my full attention once I’ve got the first draft for the feature done.

FUNERAL FASHION:  This poster was hanging on display, the model seems surprisingly happy about wearing funeral clothes.  Photo: Lameez Omarjee

FUNERAL FASHION: This poster was hanging on display, the model seems surprisingly happy about wearing funeral clothes. Photo: Lameez Omarjee

Today I helped Percy collect footage for her multimedia.  One of the guys we filmed walking in the street asked us to give him money for cool-drink.  We had to explain that it was a school project and that the footage wouldn’t be shown in the media.  Then later, a guy asked us to hug him after we took a shot of a sign above him.  However, walking around with a tripod made me feel safe.  It’s quite heavy, I was ready to swing it towards any threat.

We got great visuals.  Although the women we had to meet made us wait for four hours!  In the mean time we found another dress-maker on Yeo street.  We were considering to use her instead, but she was busy and didn’t want the interview to take up her business time.  She also called her husband to speak to us.  They were very skeptical and asked us to show our student cards.  (People don’t really like journalists).

I will be meeting up with the woman who registers non-profit organisations in Yeoville tomorrow.  It could help with stats I need for the narrative of the multimedia.  I will also be tying up a few questions I missed with Joe Muthee.

Now I can finally start writing up my feature.  I’m not confident about the stills though, I went to the church to take pictures of the women’s meeting, but no one was there.  I double-checked the time and place.  I hope the youth meeting on Saturday is actually happening.

I took great stills on Sunday at the church, but I need a few more.


One thought on “Yeoville Day 9: Cool-drink money

  1. The Rainbow Project is a NPO operating for the communities of Hillbrow Berea and Yeoville, next time feel free to contact us for any kind of interview.

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