Yeoville Day 3: Red Tape

*As part of the in-depth research project, one of the requirements of the BA Honours in Journalism and Media Studies degree at Wits University, students are required to write daily blog entries to show the progress of their projects.  This year the theme is Yeoville and students have to take on a topic that tells a story that is Yeoville specific

Jo’burg City Council is where I spent the most productive part of my day.  The council staff were  VERY helpful and gave me a lot of insight about the problems they have with churches just springing up.  I spoke to a town planner who deals with the policies in place for starting churches (Score!).

Other than that I made appointments to meet a ward councillor tomorrow. I have some information to go through which will give me a background about the control measures in place.  That’ll help me prepare good questions for my meeting tomorrow.

I also got in touch with a an expert on churches and religion- also great for the context of my written feature.  I paid a visit to the Wits Anthropology department too and found a PhD student currently researching “mushrooming churches”.

It’s great that I have access to all this “expert” knowledge, but now I really have to get my characters and conflict in order.

It’s great that I have access to all this “expert” knowledge, but now I really have to get my characters and conflict in order.  I noticed my classmates who have already found their people spoke to one key person who opened a floodgate of stories and people to write about.  Now I just need to find my go-to-guy.

Another pain is that people don’t answer their phones when you call… I hope this won’t be a stumbling block.

I also accompanied one of my group member’s, Luca Kotton, to meet the character of his multimedia project- piano teacher Rosalind Liebman.  She is 92 years old and still gives piano lessons.  She spoke about how Yeoville has transformed since the 60s.  She made us laugh with her fine sense of humour and she spoke about the students she taught.

Due to the deterioration in the suburb she lost many of her students, concerned for their safety.  Even though things have become worse, she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon- I wouldn’t either, she has a beautiful garden.

She happens to be a Hinjew (Hindu and Jewish) and taught me about feng shui.  Apparently I’ve been sleeping in the wrong position my whole life.


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